Responder Wipes were developed for first responders by a firefighter! Our passion is your good health, so we worked with researchers to develop a quality product designed specifically to remove toxins from the skin after exposure to products of combustion and other hazardous materials. What makes Responder Wipes different from any other  fire-specific wipe on the market?

Safe for Sensitive Skin – The fireground is hazardous enough, you don’t want wipes that will irritate your skin. Responder Wipes’ unique formula encapsulates soot, dirt, sweat, odor, and grime, gently removing it from your skin while leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. J.S. Hamilton Laboratories conducted a test to assess the skin tolerance of Responder Wipes on a healthy adult skin, with applied patch test. The test was conducted on 50 volunteer subjects with evaluations conducted at 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and 96 hours. No reaction was observed in any of the 50 test subjects.

Multiple Sizes – The XL version of Responder Wipes measure an impressive 12″ x 24″ and the Medium version is 8” x 12” – truly “full body wipes” that provide ample opportunity to clean up. The Small version is 8” x 8” and conveniently comes in a multi-pack.

Individually Wrapped – The XL and Medium sized Responder Wipes are individually packaged, ensuring they won’t dry out. Keep them in your gear bag, on the engine, or even one in your turnout coat or pants pocket – they’ll be there when you need them.

Aloe and Alcohol Free – Why is this important? Both ingredients are penetration enhancers – they open your pores. You should remove as many contaminants as possible without absorbing more through open pores, so Responder Wipes are aloe and alcohol free.

Biodegradable – Responder Wipes are made of 100% Viscose – natural, sustainable, and biodegradable fibers that minimize their impact on the environment. They degrade is as little as 28 days.

Multi-Functional – Responder Wipes are safe for all areas of your body – face, hands, bottoms, and everywhere in between. They are even safe to use on Motorola APX7000 radios!

Thick and Durable – Responder Wipes are thick, strong, and durable enough to tackle a 5 o’clock shadow without ripping or tearing. Perfect for structural or wildland firefighters, they are thickest fire-specific wipe on the market.

Fresh Scent – The light fragrance of Responder Wipes is fresh and clean. They leave you feeling invigorated without a heavy scent.

Extra Wet – If you’ve ever tried a wipe lacking in moisture, you know how ineffective it can be at cleaning up contaminants. Responder Wipes contain enough solution to ensure a full body cleansing with moisture to spare.

Cooling Effect – There’s no air conditioning on fire ground, but Responder Wipes provide a cooling sensation to the skin that feels refreshing and soothing. Try draping the XL Wipe over your neck as a cool towel. They’re even more effective when kept on ice.