We are often asked how Responder Wipes compare to other firefighter decontamination wipes on the market. Torrance Fire Department invited seven fire specific wipe manufacturers to provide samples for a side by side test. Six companies, including Responder Wipes, provided samples.

“A” Platoon operations personnel were given a sample of each wipe. Forty-six firefighters were instructed to personally use each wipe simulating cleaning their face, neck, head, and arms as though they had just completed an extensive interior fire attack with heavy smoke and heat conditions.

Each participant was encouraged to evaluate efficacy, ingredients, literature, and packaging. After using all six products they were required to select the wipe that they would prefer to have ready and waiting after a significant fire event. The goal was to have the Operations personnel select and support the product that will be critical in their prevention of occupational cancer in the future.

Responder Wipes was the overwhelming choice.