Responder Wipes was pleased to be a sponsor at the Orlando Fire Conference in Orlando, Florida.  This symposium featured presentations and hands-on-training opportunities for all members of the fire service. It was hosted in partnership with the City of Orlando Fire Department and the Central Florida Fire Academy. Its mission is to equip firefighters to be better prepared and help them stay alive.  This year’s conference was in memory of Matthew Negedly, who founded the conference and was passionate about firefighter health, safety, and welfare.

In Honor of Matthew Negedly

We had the opportunity to be out at the HOT which allowed attendees to field test Responder Wipes.  The response was overwhelming! Many departments participating were not engaged in any cancer prevention and appreciated learning all they could. Some departments were using other wipes and found Responder Wipes to be much better.  Comments included that Responder Wipes were much bigger, were more effective at removing soot, took the smell off their skin better, cooled them off, didn’t leave a residue like others, and were much more durable.