Reduce your risk to cancers caused by exposure to the chemicals in soot

The smart way to cleanup after a fire.

The Risk

  • Soot may sit on the skin for up to 2 hours after exposure
  • With every 5˚ rise in temperature, skin is 400% more permeable
  • Exposure to soot was the first reported form of occupational cancer
  • Firefighters are at higher risk of certain cancers than the general population
  • Firefighters are developing more aggressive forms of cancer at a younger age
  • According to the IAFF, cancer is the leading cause of death for firefighters
  • There are approximately 18 known, probable, and possible carcinogens in soot

Reducing the Risk

  • Responder Wipes are developed by a firefighter for firefighters & First Responders for on-scene decontamination
  • Responder Wipes are formulated with Micellar Water, a unique cleansing compound that dissolves dirt, oil, soot, and other hydrocarbons
  • Responder Wipes are 12-inch-x-24-inch – larger than typical firefighter wipes
  • Responder Wipes are individually packaged to ensure the wipes don’t dry out
  • Responder Wipes Have a 3-year shelf life


There are 84,000 potential chemicals in smoke and soot.

There is a 400% increase in absorption in skin temperature. Firefighters are 2 times more likely to get certain types of cancers.

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