In 2013, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) commissioned a White Paper on “Cancer in the Fire Service Industry.” The paper outlined the Problem, the Scope, the Challenges, Roles of Agencies, and Immediate Actions.

Multiple studies have repeatedly demonstrated higher rates of multiple types of cancers in firefighters compared to the general American population, including testicular cancer, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, skin cancer, prostate cancer, malignant melanoma, brain cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer.

“The connection between firefighting and cancer is real, and there is scientific data to support our position.  But we cannot stop there – we much continue to learn more so we can prevent our members from contracting this horrible disease and help them if they do.” – Harold Schaitburger, IAFF

The list of immediate actions to combat this risk includes decontaminating immediately while still on scene.  Responder Wipes are designed specifically to meet this need.

An update to the 2013 White Paper is expected to be published soon.

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