The fire rescue service is recognizing the epidemic facing every firefighter.  Cancer is now a leading cause of death for firefighters, with 68% of the U.S. LODD’s in 2016 being caused by cancer, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters data.  Additionally rates of certain cancers among firefighters are increasing.

Studies have shown that there are a number of specific steps departments can take to minimize exposure or reduce the effects of exposure including on-scene contamination reduction. Removing contaminated gear as soon as possible and containing it so that it does not off-gas is critical.

The DOT System of encapsulation bags and accessories is designed to improve the health of firefighters by providing the means to contain contaminated gear and tools. These protocols have been well defined in “Healthy Firefighters Skelleftea Swedish Model.”

Responder Wipes is proud to now offer the DOT System encapsulation bags as part of our mission to provide quality products designed specifically for first responders to reduce the dermal absorption of contaminants. Like Responder Wipes, the DOT System is “Healthy Firefighter” approved.  The bags can be found online at

If you would like to see the bags in person, come visit us at FDIC in Booth #2238. Stop by and let us demonstrate the Allround Turnout Bag which is designed to provide not only a place to store contaminated gear, but a compartment to store clean clothes to change into, as well as a flat surface to stand on while changing. We will also have the XL Equipment Bag available.