Responder Wipes will be launching it’s third wipe, the Captain’s Wipe, at FDIC in Booth #2238. Responder Wipes are uniquely formulated wipes developed for firefighters to clean off dirt, oil, and soot to remove the risk of harmful toxins and contaminants. Each fire department operates differently, therefore by adding another sized wipe, Responder Wipes can meet the needs of each customer.

The product line-up now includes the Captain’s Wipe, an 8” x 12” individually packaged wipe. The Captain’s Wipe comes 16 to a carton and retails for $14.95.  In addition to the Captain’s Wipe, the Chief’s Wipes, which are 12” x 24” individually packaged wipes, and the Lieutenant’s Wipes, which are 8” x 8” wipes in a multi-pack, are still available.

All three wipes are uniquely formulated with Micellar Water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolve dirt, oil, soot, and other hydrocarbons. Micelles lift away toxins and contaminants and draw out impurities from pores while hydrating your skin more effectively than traditional cleansing wipes. Micellar water works like activated charcoal, drawing the dirt out of the pores and trapping it in the fabric to prevent cross contamination. The formulation is aloe free, since aloe has been shown to be a penetration enhancer.

Additionally, the fabric used in Responder Wipes is 80 gsm, making it the thickest material of any fire specific wipe on the market. This ensures the wipe won’t rip, tear, or shred.

“We continuously evaluate the feedback from our customers, and while our Chief’s Wipes and Lieutenant’s Wipes are extremely popular, we continued to receive requests for a smaller, individually packaged wipe,” says Tonya Cronin, President. “Our unique aloe-free formula and extra thick fabric makes our wipes a top choice for fire departments across the world. By offering the Captain’s Wipe we can continue to provide each customer with a high-quality solution that is specific to their protocol.”

For samples, come visit us at Booth #2238 at FDIC. It you can’t make it to FDIC, you can order or find more information on our Purchase Page.